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So Much Fruit, So Little Time

Arrington nectarines on the grill

During fruit season at our orchard, there is not much I can or want to do to enhance a peach. I pick and eat a few while on the morning pack walk, seeking out the heavy overripes before the beetles descend. Many of you at Saturday market, however, insist I will “absolutely love” grilled peaches, so I compromised, asking John to try some of our Arrington nectarines on the last heat from coals used for dinner Monday evening. If Arringtons are unfamiliar, they may be a more floral than sweet variety, but they hold up well on the grill–firm and yellow.

I prepared the fruit with the rest of our meal, halving the nectarines stem down and then brushing the cut sides with oil. The coals were tame and the peach wood still smoky when we sat for dinner, so John placed the nectarines on the grill, skin side up, turning them after a minute or so. Covering the grill with a lid may make flipping the fruit unnecessary by the way, and if using gas, heat to medium.

Combined with thick yogurt, some honey, and chopped basil, the grilled fruit made a good end. Topping ice cream with grilled nectarines would also be worthwhile, especially if the ice cream is left to partially melt. Because we had plenty, I tossed the rest of the fruit into our leftover quinoa salad, and this weekend, before Arringtons finish for the season, I plan to grill Halloumi alongside the nectarines. Adding the cheese and fruit to arugula and an easy vinaigrette will be satisfying and uncomplicated.

Admittedly, the deeper into peach season we plunge, the simpler supper usually becomes. On a day with just the dogs, I am content to eat nothing for dinner but the peach saved on my windowsill. Of course, this peach will be the fat, perfumy pound of a white Nectar I’ve looked forward to since the middle of last July. No grilling required.