White Nectarines 2 lbs Sm Sack

Low acid and sweet, white nectarines are relatively early arrivals in our summer stonefruit lineup. Try not to blink. Fragrant, blushing, and cheerful, our lovely white nectarines surprise with plenty of tart to cut through the sugar. Clingstone, the reward is worth the effort.



When dreaming of stonefruit, the mind may turn to our white nectarines. Paper-thin skin and rosy pink, these white-fleshed gems are delightfully cool on a too much day. Handpicked at our orchard in the Ozarks, we directly deliver delicious. Firm, crisp, and small, these candy-like white nectarines pop with sweetness and just enough acidity to keep them interesting. A small sack, about two pounds, may not last an entire week.

  • 100% A&A Orchard fruit
  • Low acid
  • 2 lbs is approximately 4-6 peaches
  • Handle with care. White nectarines bruise easily.

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Fayetteville, FMO, GSFM