Yellow Stonefruit Seconds 25 lbs

Twenty-five pounds of our best in-season “ugly” stonefruit seconds. Just as sweet but not quite as pretty, our mix of second-grade yellow peaches and yellow nectarines are wonderful to eat fresh or to process. Fantastic fill up your freezer fruit.



More personality than good looks, our second grade “ugly” stonefruit will win your trust and good humor. A mix of in-season-this-week yellow peaches and yellow nectarines, our stonefruit seconds brave late spring cold, afternoon hail storms, and orchard thieves to make market. Fine to eat out of hand, this twenty-five pound box is the fruit to can, bake, and freeze. Find a long afternoon and a cool spot. And perhaps a helpful first-born. Our freestone peaches start in early July.

  • 100% A&A Orchard fruit
  • Mix of second-grade yellow peaches and yellow nectarines
  • Excellent for baking, canning, and freezing

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Fayetteville, FMO, GSFM