Summertime is peach time.

A&A Orchard grows over 20 kinds of nectarines and peaches, each with a distinct flavor profile, and we stagger plantings so that one to two varieties a week ripen from mid June through late August. Saturday markets debut our latest sweet peaches.


Nectarine and Peach Varieties & Approximate Ripening Dates

Westbrook Nectarine – June 12

Ruby Prince Peach – June 15

Summer Prince Peach – June 21

White Rock Peach – June 23

Garnet Beauty – June 23

Sure Prince Peach – June 28

Arrington Nectarine – June 28

Redhaven Peach – July 4

Nectar White Peach – July 9

Winblo Peach – July 14

Jayhaven Peach – July 16

Intrepid Peach – July 20

Contender Peach – July 23

Red Gold Nectarine – July 25

Cresthaven Peach – August 1

Belle of Georgia White Peach – August 6

Jefferson Peach – August 6

Tyler Peach – August 8

Carolina Gold Peach – August 8

Flameprince Peach – August 17

Legend Peach – August 20


*Delivering fresh, natural, safe, and tasty fruit is our priority, and to that end, our orchard employs integrated pest management. IPM combines organic and conventional practices, including the careful use of properly timed and targeted agricultural chemicals. While we encourage washing any produce purchased at market, our fruit will have no harmful residues at harvest.

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