A&A Orchard|In Season

We grow apples, peaches, nectarines, and pears in the Ozarks for the Ozarks. Always our fruit. Only in season.

Arkansas Black – long-keeping, dense, sharp apple that mellows over time; Blushing Golden – spicy & bright keeper; Fuji – light sweet & dense apple that keeps well; GoldRush – tart-sweet, crunchy winter apple; Granny Smith – bright, firm, sour-sweet apple for snacking & cooking; Pink Lady – dense & tart-sweet keeping apple; Rome – mildly tart cooking apple; Stellar – pear-like & sweet, firm & rich dessert apple; Winesap – small, tart heritage apple

Thank you for a great market season—see you next summer.


A&A Orchard Tree Fruits

Grown in the Ozarks since 1979

Find our fruit in season at area farmers' markets.

Bentonville Farmers’ Market – June – October
Fayetteville Farmers’ Market – Thursdays Online Jan/Feb 2022
FMO Springfield – June – December
Greater Springfield Farmers’ Market – June – December